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How not to launch ML products

Jan 5, 2023
8:00 am

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How not to launch ML products


Product Managers with ML knowledge and skills are highly sought out at big tech companies and startups alike. PMs love integrating ML into their product, however, it may not always be central to the business impact and value proposition. In this event, we will discuss common pitfalls PMs make in understanding whether ML will drive 0->1 impact, rolling out features, and continuously improving their ML features as the product scales. Everything discussed in this event are Prerna’s personal views and not those of Amazon. 

Our speaker

Prerna Kaul is a high-performing and growth-minded product leader with 11+ years of product and engineering experience sitting at the intersection of retail business, platform products, and artificial intelligence. She enjoys talking about product growth, building roadmaps, user empathy, and shipping products at scale. Currently, Prerna is a Senior Technical Product Manager responsible for building B2B ML products at Amazon. Prior to her current role, she was a Mobile Product Manager at Walmart Labs.