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How getting alignment right helps quitting the feature factory

May 25, 2023

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How getting alignment right helps quitting the feature factory


Alignment is the unsung hero of product management, often overlooked but crucial for a successful discovery process. In this talk, we’ll explore why nailing the alignment phase is vital for product teams to maximize their potential and achieve their desired outcomes. We’ll discuss the importance of committing to one business goal, selecting the right leading indicator, and measuring user behaviour within the product. Using a pragmatic approach, we’ll walk through a real-world example of 3 teams struggling with alignment and their approaches.

Our speaker

Timothy Krechel is a seasoned product coach, entrepreneur, and expert in digital product development. He specializes in launching successful products by focusing on user needs and market demands using a data-driven approach. After founding his real estate startup and a successful exit, he transitioned to being a Product Coach, Consultant, and Developer. From November 2021 alone, Timothy has launched or coached 25 products, saving millions in development costs. His insights and strategies help product teams both get data points fast as well as direct resources towards the most impactful activities.