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How a go-to-market strategy affects your product lifecycle

Sep 1, 2022
8:00 am

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How a go-to-market strategy affects your product lifecycle


As PMs, we tend to focus most of our efforts on the product’s vision, delivery, and growth but, in some cases, we leave the go-to-market strategy in the hands of the Marketing team, and we forget that this should be defined by product and that it impacts all stages of our product lifecycle.

During this webinar we will go through the product lifecycle; we will identify the main activities, roles, and definitions we should make to create a successful product strategy from the launch, GTM, selling, data and support perspective; and how these topics should be implemented during the delivery and growth phase.

Our speaker

Michel Hauzeur is the Head of Product of Uruit, a digital consulting company. He has more than 12 years of working experience in technology projects and has been working as a Product Manager for the past 6 years. One of his most successful projects was the migration of more than 250,000 users to a new and personalized platform for a well-known financial company in Colombia.