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An intro to holistic product discovery

Mar 16, 2023
8:00 am

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An intro to holistic product discovery

Will the stuff we are working on be successful? We all know we should be user-centric, utilizing data and working iteratively, still, companies often fail to do it in reality. Product discovery has emerged as a field to tackle this question. Some of you might have heard or implemented some flavour of it already. As for most buzzwords, going from theory to application is easier said than done.

Marcus Castenfors has helped companies of all sizes and industries build better products. With hands-on experience from testing various tools and methods, Marcus has been using the Holistic Product Discovery framework to help organizations build successful products. During this webinar, Marcus will give you concrete examples and tools to do Product Discovery in a better way and will cover:

  1. Common biases and traps in product development
  2. Why product is hard
  3. Product Discovery principles
  4. The Holistic Framework
  5. A risk mapping technique

Speaker bio

Marcus Castenfors is a startup founder and Product Leadership Coach at Crisp and is the co-author of the new book Holistic Product Discovery. Marcus coaches teams, individuals, and organizations to build better products for their customers.