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All about product experimentation

Jun 8, 2023
8:00 am

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All about product experimentation


Growth is the goal, and experiments are a tool to get there. The goal is not to experiment for the sake of it. We still conflate growth with experiments but experiments are only a tool to get closer to the truth of user psychology. When you don’t have data on certain user behaviour, you can use experiments to generate that data. You need a goal, a hypothesis that might lead you to that goal and a clearly defined success metric before you start experimenting. Let’s meet to discuss where to start, what and how to prioritize, key skills required, pitfalls to avoid, and how to analyze and share the results of your experiments to do more growth work.

Our speaker

Priya is a product & growth leader, currently leading the growth product team and experimentation at 7shifts, a B2B SaaS company. Priya has conducted multiple experiments that have increased self-serve conversion and monetization using product-led growth principles. Priya writes about product-led growth and product-led sales and shares her learnings from her experience working in startups, pivoting to growth and everything in between.