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A roadmap to an impactful career as a woman in product

Apr 4, 2023
8:00 am

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A roadmap to an impactful career as a woman in product

Research shows that diverse teams foster creativity, innovation, a better understanding of users, and higher revenue, yet women hold only ~35% of product management positions.

In this fireside chat, we’ll talk with three of our Product Makers community members — Jenny Cu, Eva Beasley, and Parveen Downer — about their experiences as women in product including:

  • How they each found their path into product
  • Where product leaders can do better to support women in their product careers
  • What steps they’ve taken to push through barriers and navigate biases
  • Who’s influenced their product careers and how to create a network of support
  • How they are each shaping successful and impactful careers in product management.

Our speakers

Eva Beasley

Eva is a product manager, graduate student, volunteer, and Toastmasters member. Her passions include advocating for diversity, equality, and inclusion for all womxn in technology, caring for her turtle, and cheering on all major Philadelphia sports teams. Go Birds!

Parveen Downer

Parveen is a Senior Product Manager at Semble (an exciting health tech start-up in London). Having worked in startups and medium-sized companies, she has a plethora of experience leading co-located and international cross-functional product teams. With a background in health sciences and operations, her path into product management was sparked by an interest in solving problems at scale for users and a love of facilitating collaboration.

Jenny Cu

With 15+ years of PM experience at large companies like eBay and Yahoo and small startups (and even trying her own), Jenny Cu has a great deal of hands-on experience in the field that helps her guide other product managers on a similar path. As a technical recruiter and career coach now, she has a unique perspective of the job market from both sides. Learn more about working with Jenny at