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A practical and scalable approach to leadership in product

Sep 22, 2022
8:00 am

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A practical and scalable approach to leadership in product


Navigating the product management journey can be a very frustrating and lonely experience. Many of us get stuck in the shoes of a senior product manager longer than necessary, while only a handful of us get a lucky ticket to leadership by chance or design.

However, while the PM career might be elusive, there are proven ways of developing leadership skills, given the right mindset, approach, support, and circumstances. And sometimes, it requires us to act first before getting a leadership promotion.

Katia and Daniil will share a scalable leadership framework they’ve built and step-by-step guidance you can apply immediately to start thinking and acting as a product leader.

Our speakers

Katia Suchkova

Over the last decade, Katia has worked in hyper-growing startups and enterprises across various B2C and B2B product areas. Before transitioning to full-time coaching in 2021, she led a remote team of Sr. Product Managers at 15five, where she realized even more how critical the human aspect and emotional intelligence are for product management and leadership. Today, as part of her coaching practice, Katia works with individual product managers and leaders looking to grow in their product careers intentionally. Most recently, with her co-founder Daniil, they built Ahead of Product, an immersive learning experience that offers programs, coaching, and tools for product managers wanting to take the driver’s seat in their careers and grow into leadership roles.

Daniil Pavliuchkov

In short, Daniil is all about product management. He worked as a C-level, Director, and Head of Product in several startups and scaleups of 10-2,000 size, leading teams of up to 30 people and seeing companies grow from $1M to $2B in valuation. Daniil’s primary focus is on product, growth, monetization, and experimentation.

Outside of work, Daniil runs a Product Leadership course with his co-founder Katia, advises early-stage startups from Greece, and speaks at various EU conferences. Daniil even produced a 10-episode podcast where he interviewed prominent thought leaders in the product world.