7/14/21 Clinic: Build features that drive revenue (Salesforce Opportunities)

Jul 14, 2021
8:00 am

7/14/21 Clinic: Build features that drive revenue (Salesforce Opportunities)

Let’s focus on the bottom line: which feature ideas in your backlog have the highest potential toΒ drive revenue?

Our new Salesforce Opportunities integration allows teams to identify which features are tied to potential revenue – or churn prevention. Using opportunity notes, you can build a roadmap optimizing for ROI.

During this clinic, our Success Coaches will walk you through the Salesforce Opportunities integration:

  • how to configure the integration
  • best practices to import only the most useful opportunities
  • how to incorporate Opportunity value into your prioritization process
  • live Q&A


Please note: During this clinic, our Customer Success team will be available to answer live Q&A – bring your questions! If you have questions about using Productboard after this webinar is over, please reach out to our Support team via support@productboard.com

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