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HERE Technologies
HERE Technologies
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“Productboard was the most comprehensive solution to meet our criteria. It is now the source of truth for all of our roadmaps.”
Samir Patel | HERE Technologies

Samir Patel Senior Product Portfolio Manager

HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies, a global company of over 9,000 employees, is moving the world forward through location technology. From autonomous driving to the Internet of Things, through location data and related services they are transforming businesses with a location platform that moves people, goods and organizations safely and efficiently. As a cutting-edge tech company with a global reach, the ability to effectively share their roadmap with colleagues and customers is critical to HERE’s planning and prioritization. With a complex product organization providing comprehensive mapping content, an integrated software suite, and data marketplace, HERE’s multiple business units wanted more visibility into each other’s roadmaps.

Having spent time in various disciplines across the HERE organization, Rohit Mehta, Director Product Quality & Statistics, and Samir Patel, Senior Product Portfolio Manager, understand the need for transparency within HERE and the ability for cross-functional teams to tap into a single source of truth.

HERE Technologies provides location data to support a broad variety of use cases, from autonomous driving to the Internet of Things, with the ultimate goal of moving people, goods and organizations more safely and efficiently.

Roadmaps, simplified

Mehta initially found Productboard when he was looking for different levels of abstraction to the roadmap, tailored to the needs of numerous stakeholders. Mehta and his team “wanted a simplified way to create product roadmaps” and evaluated Productboard against multiple criteria. “We wanted a large footprint, visibility into the functionality we were bringing from a customer product journey, a tool that allowed us to connect our information to downstream teams and provide a rolling quarterly roadmap view. We also looked at the security aspects of products,” he said. The team’s task was to find a solution that addressed all of their challenges, off-the-shelf.

“Productboard was the most comprehensive solution to meet our criteria.”

Rohit Mehta
Director Product Quality & Statistics

As part of their evaluation, Mehta and his team presented Productboard to the senior leadership of the company and demonstrated how it would address complexity and allow teams to be much more streamlined.

“We got a top-down mandate that drove bottoms-up adoption across the product organization and teams who were dependent on it,” Mehta explained.

The source of truth for product

Today, HERE’s product managers log into Productboard each day, using the tool’s Insights feature for feedback from numerous sources in a standardized structure. “Everyone receives line-of-sight into what the customer is asking for and being delivered,” said Mehta. “Those who need to know what’s happening with a product, now have one place to go for end-to-end visibility.”

“Productboard is now the source of truth for all of our roadmaps.”

Rohit Mehta
Director Product Quality & Statistics

Mehta and his team customized their prioritization drivers in Productboard to meet HERE’s needs. “We have a decision-making framework for any feature or product that needs to be developed. It’s all evaluated through the same prioritization lens now,” he explained.

With Productboard, teams can standardize prioritization frameworks and norm on common methods for scoring feature ideas.


“Having everyone working the same way and speaking the same language has been really helpful. To be able to see what’s on the roadmap in a single space, use that data to provide insights for features in a quarter, and do that quickly has been great for me.”

Samir Patel
Senior Product Portfolio Manager

Mehta summarizes HERE’s success with Productboard, “Using Productboard functionality, we can communicate to any audience and let them know what HERE is building for their use case and their requirements.” Now, all teams across the HERE organization – from product to operations to leadership to sales – have a single lens of information.


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