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Who we are looking for

You possess the following competencies:

  • Having done dozens of analysis which included your recommendations
  • Strong analytical skills and you know that analytics is not about creating reports or merging data
  • Understand the workflow: Hypothesis -> Data -> Recommendations
  • Writing SQL queries
  • Understanding the need to visualise data correctly in order to tell and sell the story (and recommendation)
  • Independent, with the ability to decide what is the priority and what to do next
  • Willing to work with different tools across several systems. If you don’t know the tools we use, it’s a nice challenge you to learn something new.
  • Extra points for experience with R or Python
  • Fluent English is a must-have


It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die

What we offer


Competitive compensation package, including stock options.


New MacBook Pro (or another notebook of your choice) + 34″ monitor.


Budget for books, online courses and conferences.


Unlimited supply of Mate Mate and coffee.


Budget for Uber when staying late in the office.


MultiSport card for working out.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

How we work

We work in small cross-functional teams that usually consist of three developers, a designer and a product manager. The teams work closely together towards a specific customer need or business goal. We always make sure our features are innovative, delightful and easy to use.

In productboard, we have a lot of data for you to sift through, search for hidden insights and their business implications. We want you to deeply understand what’s going on in our product and propose solutions to any inefficiencies you find.

Your daily bread will be 1. Analyze (our internal product data), 2. Tell us the Story (what happened, why it happened, what caused the numbers) and 3. Recommend (what should we do to improve).

As a Senior Product Data Analyst, you will work together with cross-functional teams of product managers, designers, and engineers to uncover deep insights about our customers and their behaviours. Outcomes of your work will be driving product strategy, daily decisions on feature improvements with high visibility across the company. Above all, your work will impact many product teams around the world to build better products.

We like to have fun too

What we do beyond shipping features

We take pride in our craft and always strive to improve our skills and tooling. We aspire to host our own meetups. We also like to share our experiences with others at various meetups and conferences.

We live to make the product that matters, but for other things as well! We are social creatures and we like to hang out with others talking about stuff that is not just pixels. We have regular team breakfasts and dinners, but we also like to get out of Prague from time to time so we organize team offsites – both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The sky’s the limit – your network will skyrocket by joining our team. We’re friends with all the inspiring market leaders from companies like Slack, DropBox, InVision, Intercom, Dribbble, and many more.

After work, we often give in to the inescapable draw of our favorite local joints: Vinograf, Meat&Greet, Tiskarna and a whiskey bar in Jindrisska Tower. We often host beer or prosecco evening at our HubHub office where we invite our +1s and people outside of the company as well – you are invited too! We usually watch how Playstation downloads another batch of updates, discuss our recent attempts to start running again, and listen to Mike’s fresh new playlist on Spotify. We are fun.

Tereza - People Ops

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