We are looking for a Senior Product Manager or Director Product Management who will own the vision, strategy and execution of one of the jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) productboard is solving for its makers. It is a formidable endeavor touching many cross-functional areas of the product. You will achieve it by leading a product team yourself (initially an IC role) and eventually building a team of product managers in 6-12 months (people leadership role). You will be working in a product leadership position reporting to our VP of Product.

Your responsibilities

  • Be responsible for ensuring business value and viability of products solving for JTBD
  • Align and execute the strategy with product teams teams to deliver solutions and outcomes
  • Contribute to Product Excellence methodology and thought leadership
  • Lead and coach product managers and other functions (product design, engineering etc.)

Who we are looking for

You have the mind, heart, and skills of a user-centered product leader who has:

  • 5+ years in Product Management (last 1+ as a Senior Product Manager) for Senior Product Manager
  • 7+ years in Product Management (last 3+ years as Senior Product Manager or 1+ as a Director) for Director Product Management
  • Conducted research, white-boarded, shipped and optimized SaaS products in a product team setting
  • An understanding of the latest product management best practices (research, strategy and delivery frameworks, pricing)
  • Practiced systems thinking and is able to translate complex systems into a simplified user experience
  • Leadership and communication skills to inspire, motivate and grow others
  • MBA, MSc or other advanced degree preferred from a top university
  • Both startup and larger org experience

About productboard

We’re building a product management system like no other. As a member of our team, your mission will be to uncover every detail about needs, wishes, and emotions of the best product minds out there and lead discovery and development of a product that is creating a new category. A product with meticulously beautiful design, a product that goes beyond functionality, a product that connects on a very personal and emotional level.

We are a fast-growing startup. We are obsessed with human experience, design, cutting-edge technology. We don't compromise, we seek excellence. We get things done. We are transparent, we trust each other, we give candid feedback to learn from each other.


You'll join a diverse and talented team, with plenty of opportunities for personal growth, impact, and learning.

💰Competitive compensation package, including stock options

♥️ Company contribution to medical, dental and vision insurance plans

💻MacBook Pro or notebook of your choice + 34″ monitor

📚Budget for online courses, books and conferences

🏝4 weeks of vacation

🍲Free snacks, drinks, and yummy catered lunches every day 

🏋Company contribution to Gym & Wellness memberships

🚗Commuter benefits

🍹Team events, such as happy hours, off-sites, and retreats abroad!

✈️The opportunity to travel to Prague to spend face-to-face time with the Prague team in their dog-friendly office and explore the city

⏱Flexible working hours and WFH policy

You will be interacting with our audience of highly engaged and active product experts, from new PMs who will need your help to highly experienced Chief Product Officers. Amongst our customers are some of the best product teams out there - Zendesk, Intercom, Invision, Metromile, Envoy.

You will learn literally everything there is to know about product leadership, you will grow and share your expertise with other enthusiastic and like-minded product people.

Our culture is built on trust and transparency and you will be exposed to every step and decision of a fast-growing startup. There is a lot to learn and build! We offer competitive benefits and we'll create an environment where you will love to work. 

It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die

What we offer


Competitive compensation package, including stock options


New MacBook Pro (or another notebook of your choice) + 34″ monitor


Budget for books, online courses and conferences


Unlimited supply of Mate Mate and coffee


Budget for Uber when staying late in the office


MultiSport card for working out


Yummy catered lunches and monthly company brunches


Five weeks of vacation


Tools and technologies we love

  • ES7
  • React
  • Flux
  • Redux
  • GraphQL
  • Webpack
  • Prettier
  • Node.js

Elastic, Ruby, Rails, Python, Cypress.io, Redis, Heroku, AWS, CircleCI, TDD in bash, Keboola, GoodData, Intercom, Slack, productboard, Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

How we work

We work in small cross-functional teams that usually consist of three developers, a designer, and a product manager. The teams work closely together towards a specific goal related to making our customers even more awesome.

As a developer you will be part of the whole feature development lifecycle, starting with the discussion on where to focus our efforts and why. You will see all the feedback we collected from our customers linked in this cool tool called productboard ?, and you will be encouraged to come up with ideas/objections.

Before we build well architected, scalable, and production ready features, we like to test our assumptions first. (Our time is valuable! Why risk building the wrong thing?) You will support our product discovery efforts by quickly hacking together prototypes that can be validated with our customers. After evaluating the results, we’ll select the best design/architecture to use moving forwards.

When we build features, we like to pair on complex problems, conduct detailed code reviews and deploy small changes daily. When you ship your feature to production, you’ll get to communicate the update to the users who requested and bask in all the joy and praise that comes from delivering awesome functionality to passionate users. This is especially rewarding since our customers are among the brightest product minds in the industry.

We like to have fun too

What we do beyond shipping features

We take pride in our craft, and we are constantly trying to improve our skills and tooling. We organize internal tech talks, code retreats, and hackathons. We also like to share our experiences with others on various meetups and conferences.

We suck at open source, but we would like to get better, so we started hosting open source hackathons where we order beer and pizza and pair program on fixing bugs from our favorite open source projects (React.js usually ?).

But writing code is not the only thing we do. We are social creatures. We like to hang out and discuss things beyond 0s and 1s. We have regular team breakfasts and dinners, but also like to get out of Prague from time to time, so we organize team offsites – both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

After work, we continually find ourselves at nearby Vinograf, Meat&Greet and a whiskey bar in Jindrisska Tower. Every Tuesday we host a beer evening at our office where we invite our +1s and people outside of the company as well – you are invited too! We usually watch how Playstation downloads another batch of updates, discuss our recent attempts to start running again, and listen to Mike’s fresh new playlist on Spotify. We are fun.

Not sure whether to apply yet? Ask for references first!