Support to do your best work

The best from the best people around you

We have the best people in the industry - mentoring people from our communities, we educate them through public speeches and we talk about it on our blog! We love sharing all the best practices with each other. That is why we also run monthly reading club.

Network full of people from the most successful startups

You are one call away from the call with your hero. Not only that our design team is mentored by best people in the industry (for example, our product design advisor Joshua Goldenberg), or our people operations team are going for an advice right to the Jackie Xu from Kleiner & Perkins or HR Director from Stripe. We want to help you to get connected with the most inspirational people who will help you grow!

Space to take an ownership & step up

You take a lead and you make a decision. We want you to grow to a senior position. There is always a thing to be improved and our motto says: "If it is broken... Fix it!" Just look around at all the engineering managers who used to be individuals contributors just a month ago!

Be part of the team where everyone gives a damn

At productboard you will find very smart people who not only understand what they are doing, they also love it. They are what makes productboard unique. We have the best people in the industry - mentoring people, recording insightful podcasts, giving public talks, gathering meetups and educational events for local communities. They are open source addicts. They share the information with each other. What else would be a point?


Imagine the excitement when MicTech decided to launch a podcast # people of productboard as a surprise.


Our Engineering Manager Maurice shared the story about his first four weeks. You can find it on our blog!


On every Monday, Mike realises a new episode of our playlist La Terasa Mixtape. Check this out!


Next to our #love channel, there is also #moments where we share the unique internal memories internally through pictures.


Both our offices have at least one yoga instructor. We make sure you are stretched properly!


We want you to be more mindful. That is why we have the headspace account for mindfulness and you can run a meditation session with us.


You can also find a #mental-health channel on slack. We support each other and giving tips on how to treat ourselves and look after our mental health.


what to write here? :D

International environment & diverse mindset

We are working towards a diverse and inclusive environment. Learning the best practices from other inspiring international startups.
Our people operations team is learning from the best startups in San Francisco, so you have the opportunity to taste the international environment even from Prague.



The lack of diversity and inclusion in our industry is not something that can be solved easily. It requires a cultural shift, which will not be an overnight success. To start the work as a group, everyone needs to feel included in that group. As smaller parts of a bigger whole, we define the direction of our company together. We want you to feel like you belong, and invite you to bring your entire selves to work every day. Regardless of your identity, experiences and beliefs. You will become our true culture co-founder.


You can have the best of both worlds. Stay in our company apartments and discover the hidden gems of our second office.

Our perks

As a company founded in 2010, we are still striving toward maturity in many areas of our operations. But when it comes to our benefits, we are happy to be compared to much larger, more established companies. We wouldn't want concerns over coverage to be an obstacle for you joining us.


We value you and your health. That is why we have a generous sick days policy, we have a multisport card for you to keep you active, mental health channel on Slack, yoga sessions for you all at once.


We use flexible working hours' scheme at productboard, meaning you are your own boss when it comes to defining your weekly 40-hour timetable. Examples of people who have families and working for productboard. We want to provide the best possible support for the families.


At productboard, we’re on the move like never before. We see our stock option grants as integral to our continued growth, representing not only an investment into the futures of our dedicated men and women but also a rare opportunity to have stake in and grow a company that's changing the face of how products are made around the world. For us, success is a team sport and we couldn’t be more excited about taking productboard into the future, together.

Let’s make product that matters

We would be thrilled if you had questions about opportunities or just wanted to chat to explore options. Do not worry too much about picking exactly the right one; we can always give you more options after starting the conversation.