Building a Product Roadmap your Users will Love with Productboard, Heap, and Vidyard


Learn how Heap and productboard empower product teams to build and execute the right product roadmap, and how Vidyard uses data from initial planning to product launch and beyond.

As a PM, your job is an endless task of prioritization and planning. With so much in front of you, how do you prioritize user needs and prioritize what to build next?

In this webinar, Heap and productboard PMs will detail their process for combining quantitative and qualitative user data. By leveraging data across the product lifecycle, product teams can think further ahead, while staying responsive to customer needs.

Join us for a live webinar where we dive into How to Leverage Quantitative and Qualitative Data in your roadmap. You’ll learn:

  • How to successfully leverage behavioral data and user feedback to plan and execute on your product roadmap
  • How to blend qualitative and quantitative data to align your entire organization around your product roadmap
  • How Vidyard planned, built, and successfully launched a revamp of their core product

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