Productboard Subprocessors

Infrastructure Subprocessors – Service Data Storage

Entity NameEntity TypeEntity Country
Amazon Web Services, Inc.Cloud Service ProviderUnited States

Service Specific Subprocessors

Entity NameEntity TypeEntity Country
Mandrill by The Rocket Science Group, LLCCloud-based Email Notification ServiceUnited States
Pusher, Ltd.Cloud-based WebSockets ServiceUnited Kingdom
Sqreen Inc.Cloud-based Security MonitoringUnited States
FullStory, Inc.Cloud-based Metrics ServiceUnited States
Datadog, Inc.Cloud-based Monitoring ServiceUnited States
Sentry, Inc.Cloud-based Application Monitoring and Error TrackingUnited States, IncCloud-based distributed messaging systemUnited States, Inc (only for selected customers who require integration with Tray) Cloud-based API Integration PlatformUnited States

Content delivery networks

CDN ProviderCDN LocationEntity Country
Cloudflare Inc.GlobalUnited States
CloudFront by Amazon Web Services, Inc.
GlobalUnited States

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