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Productboard Subprocessors

Infrastructure Subprocessors – Service Data Storage

Entity NameEntity TypeEntity Country
Amazon Web Services, Inc.Cloud Service ProviderUnited States

Service Specific Subprocessors

Entity NameEntity TypeEntity Country
SendGrid, IncCloud-based Email Notification ServiceUnited States
Pusher, Ltd.Cloud-based WebSockets ServiceUnited Kingdom
Datadog, Inc.Cloud-based Monitoring ServiceUnited States
Sentry, Inc.Cloud-based Application Monitoring and Error TrackingUnited States, IncCloud-based distributed messaging systemUnited States

Content delivery networks

CDN ProviderCDN LocationEntity Country
Cloudflare Inc.GlobalUnited States
CloudFront by Amazon Web Services, Inc.
GlobalUnited States

Optional Subprocessors

Entity NameEntity TypeEntity Country, Inc (only for selected customers who require integration with Tray)Cloud-based API Integration PlatformUnited States
(optional for customers that enable Productboard AI capabilities)
Service provider for Productboard's
AI offering
United States

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