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Productboard launches new capabilities to empower customer-centric product teams

Productboard launches new capabilities to empower customer-centric product teams

Easy to use roadmapping, dynamic customer segmentation, and enhanced integrations, including Salesforce, to improve productivity and accelerate innovation.

Every product team aspires to build excellent products that fulfill customers’ needs, regardless of industry, use case, or company size. Yet too often, product teams are stuck managing manual processes for analyzing and cataloging customer feedback, missing the opportunity to analyze customer feedback for trends and ideas.

Productboard empowers product managers to build excellent, customer-centric products by deeply understanding customer needs, executing a clear product strategy, and aligning cross-functional teams and stakeholders.

We’re excited to share new customer-centric features. These include easier-than-ever roadmaps and new timeline roadmaps, dynamic customer segmentation, partner integrations, and new features enabling innovative product management at scale.

New easy to use roadmapping enables customizable roadmaps for any audience, aligning everyone around your plan

Approximately 50% of product teams feel their roadmaps are outdated and don’t reflect user needs, according to Productboard’s 2020 State of Product Excellence Survey. With Productboard’s new roadmap capabilities, including customizable roadmap templates, swimlanes, and timeline roadmaps, roadmaps are faster, easier, and more flexible than ever before while remaining backed by customer feedback. Teams of all sizes easily create customized, always up-to-date roadmaps for all audiences and scenarios. By creating high-level product roadmaps or detailed release plans, product teams drive cross-team visibility, collaboration, and accelerate product planning cycles.

For Noah Singer, Head of Product at 1-800-Contacts, Productboard makes it easy to visualize what the entire product organization is doing and what objectives and milestones they’re marching towards.

“The best part about Productboard’s Roadmaps is that a few clicks gives anyone at the company what they need. Having a single source of truth in Productboard creates a clear picture when you back up beyond a single team. We’ve moved our internal updates out of PowerPoint, saving many hours each week in preparation and distribution time.”

Noah Singer
Head of Product at 1-800-Contacts

With Productboard’s new timeline roadmaps: 

  • Visually plan objectives, releases, and features, empowering all audiences, including executives, development, or product teams, with important information, transparency, and alignment 
  • Plan and track progress against specific date-based milestones and create custom swimlanes to organize roadmaps by product, team, or theme
  • At delivery, push prioritized features into development tools, including Jira and Azure DevOps, ensuring superb visibility with development teams
  • Product leaders seamlessly manage complex product portfolios and multiple product teams, with timeline roadmaps, date-based milestones, and custom swimlanes while staying connected to a single source of truth

See how Productboard’s new timeline roadmaps work:


“Productboard’s Roadmaps, including their timeline and objective-based roadmaps, have allowed us to asynchronously communicate our roadmap with stakeholders across the organization, giving them visibility into our future and the confidence to share it with our customers and prospects. ”

Mike Ottavi-Brannon
Principal Product Manager at Amplitude

Products That Count awarded Productboard’s Roadmaps the Best Product For Building A Roadmap based on thousands of votes from product managers worldwide (2020 Product Awards). 

Easier-than-ever roadmapping and new features and releases timeline roadmaps are available to customers on all plans. Objectives timeline roadmaps are available on the Scale and Enterprise plans.

New Dynamic Customer Segmentation features enable a deep understanding of customer needs 

Only 37% of product teams consider customer segmentation during the feature prioritization process, according to Productboard’s 2020 State of Product Excellence Survey. Yet, customer segmentation is critical for creating excellent products. Without focusing on specific, core user base segments, product managers risk building generic features that don’t meet customers’ needs and lead to product failure. With Productboard’s Dynamic Customer Segmentation, product managers finally have a quick and seamless way to analyze customer feedback and strategically segment using customer data.

Everything you need to know about Dynamic Customer Segmentation:

  • Easily import customer data from any source, such as Zendesk and HubSpot, to enrich customer company data with attributes like industry, company size, and ARR in Productboard 
  • Connect your insights to customer data by using rules to seamlessly group companies into segments, e.g., enterprise customers with ARR > $200k, leveraging segment-specific user feedback
  • Analyze relevant customer feedback, understand critical needs, and quickly prioritize the most strategic features for key segments 
  • Productboard’s Early Access for its Salesforce integration enables the systematic capture of critical customer account data and attributes, ensuring stakeholders’ voices and trends inform product decisions. We know many customers rely on Salesforce as their CRM of choice.

“Productboard’s powerful segmentation feature helps our teams narrow in on specific customer types and their unique feedback. We develop a deep understanding of the unique needs connected to each customer profile. This gives us clarity on where our sweet spots are in terms of product fit and guides product strategy. Using these segments, we can prioritize features and build the right products that accurately reflect specific customers’ needs. ”

Shawna Wolverton
EVP Product at Zendesk

Dynamic Segmentation and the Salesforce integration are only available on the Scale and Enterprise plans.

New Azure DevOps integration, Notes API, and partner integrations enable cross-company collaboration and integrate into existing workflows

Cross-functional collaboration is essential to build excellent products but difficult in practice. Productboard’s Azure DevOps integration further opens up the Productboard platform, enabling increased productivity and delivery speed through better cross-team alignment and communication.

“With Productboard and Azure DevOps, it’s easier to keep track of development status. We empower development teams with customer context, making them really focused on the user while fueling the speed of our product team. ”

Helmut Lindel
Product Owner at World Vision

Only 10% of product teams successfully capture feedback from all sources, and 33% lack a process for capturing feedback, according to Productboard’s 2020 State of Product Excellence Survey. Without capturing user feedback, product managers fumble in the dark. They’re taking their best guess at what users want or need and building products that don’t meet customers’ needs. The Notes API solves this by easily collecting all customer and colleague feedback into Productboard’s central feedback repository 

Everything you need to know about the Notes API & new partner integrations:

  • The Notes API ensures customer-centric products throughout the product development lifecycle, from capturing initial customer feedback to delivering excellent products by development teams 
  • New partner integrations, including, FullStory, and InSided (coming soon!), capture customer feedback from cross-functional teams and stakeholders
  • Productboard also has Customer insights integrations from Intercom, Zendesk, Slack, and more, plus integrations from partners including Typeform,, Mattermost, and

The Azure DevOps integration with one project is available to customers on all plans. The Notes API and new partner integrations are available to customers on the Pro plan and above.

Productboard enables innovative product management at scale as company needs and complexity grows

As companies grow and scale, ensuring standardized, optimized, and secure product management processes becomes even more challenging. Productboard is here to help. Productboard’s enterprise functionality supports all product teams’ needs, regardless of their product count, scale, security needs, and complexity

  • Productboard is now SOC2 Type 1 certified, supporting Productboard’s commitment to investing in security best practices to ensure our customers’ data is safe 
  • With Advanced team collaboration, product teams can set granular permissions and easily segment access and deliverables across teams, optimizing team productivity, and accelerating product innovation 
  • Audit Logs provide product organizations with further transparency and accountability

Customers choose Productboard to support their complex needs. Using Productboard, HERE replaced eight tools using Productboard as the single source of truth for their 150+ product managers. Productboard empowers HERE to work collaboratively with great visibility into cross-product strategy.

“Productboard has taken away all ambiguity and complexity that we had in the past.” Rohit Mehta, Director Product Quality and Metrics, HERE. 

Advanced team collaboration is available on the Scale and Enterprise plans. Audit logs are available on the Enterprise plan.

Looking to get started with Productboard?

Start your free trial now to try Productboard’s latest features, enabling all product managers to harness customer insights and seamlessly turn them into excellent products. We have new plans that align with your needs, make it even easier to get started, and allow for unlimited collaboration with the teams you partner with most often.

Current customers can access these new features (based on their plan) in their Productboard workspace.



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