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One piece of advice for PMs

One piece of advice for PMs

Hubert Palan is one of the more curious and enthusiastic people I’ve met in this lifetime. He’s also spent much of the past five years speaking with hundreds of product managers, trying to learn what they’d expect a dream all-in-one tool for product managers to do. So when I asked Hubert recently what piece of advice he’d offer PMs, he did what he often does — responded with a story…

Without further ado, here’s how one SVP of Product responds to his CEO’s question what’s the next big thing? ?


⭐ Excelling as a product manager means learning how to focus your efforts, and your team’s efforts. Only those willing to own the inevitable difficult tradeoffs, who actively reject the cult of we’ll-do-it-all, have a shot at shipping excellent products — products that will be remembered.

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