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Sharing #prodmgmt best practices and strategies at Mind the Product London!

Sharing #prodmgmt best practices and strategies at Mind the Product London!

This week, team productboard descended upon London for another fantastic Mind the Product conference. 1700 product enthusiasts from around the world were in attendance to hear from an all-star panel of product thinkers and leaders.

The global product community shares their #prodmgmt strategies and thought processes at the productboard booth

At the booth, team productboard fielded questions about our product and gave out rapid-fire demos. Attendees queued at our Product Excellence Prize Wheel for a chance to win some great swag, and to discuss their product management strategies and thought processes. Read on for their thoughts about modern product management and our Product Excellence methodology:

Mind the Product London prize wheel
Team productboard and the infamous Product Excellence Prize Wheel

How do you earn buy-in for your product decisions?

“We are as transparent as possible about all stages of our product management process and we brainstorm with stakeholders along the way.”

“We appeal to different needs of cross-functional teams. With leadership we focus on impact and potential revenue. With Sales it’s all about how our decision impacts prospects. And so on.”

“We help teams across the company understand how our decisions will positively impact their needs and workflow, and also back them up with data.”

How do you align your team?

How do you prioritize features?

“We assess value and impact vs. effort of each feature, then discuss with the team.”

“I’ve tried a lot of prioritization frameworks, but the Kano model works for me.”

What is your favorite product, and how has it changed your life?

“Well, I met my wife on OkCupid. So that one.”

Headspace. It’s actually helped me incorporate meditation into my life, and I love that it doesn’t make me feel bad about myself when I miss a day.”

“Evernote. I’ve captured my entire life in that product, and I’ve been using it for a decade. It’s nice to know that I can search and find a note that I wrote five years ago and know that I’ll never lose it.”

mind the product london

What’s more important — design or functionality?

“I work in software, so functionality takes precedence, in my opinion. If you have a beautiful product but it doesn’t work, it will still fail.”

How do you define product strategy?

“We focus on aligning strategy with the high level vision, mission, and goals of the company.”

“We stay very tuned into the changing needs of the market and actively seek out niches where our solution is the perfect fit.”

What makes products excellent?

A big thank you to the global Mind the Product community for sharing their insights! Don’t forget to check out the #mtpcon hashtag on Twitter for other happenings from the top conference for product managers.

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