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Learn from the best in our new product management eBook!

Learn from the best in our new product management eBook!

At productboard, we’re inspired by great products and the teams that deliver them, and we’re driven to help educate our customers and community about how everyone can push for product excellence. For us, product excellence is not just about the quality of the products you build, it’s the ability to rally your team around your customers, strategy, and plan to deliver memorable products that your customers love.

So how can you start your path to product excellence? Does your team have the right tools, processes, and thinking not only to create great products but also to continuously deliver memorable product experiences?

We asked over twenty product leaders to offer their thoughts for our new free eBook, The Path to Product Excellence: Stories and Advice from the Field. In it, you’ll find their perspectives on what it takes to build amazing product experiences based on their years of experience. Our contributors include Product Managers, Chief Product Officers, leading product management consultants, and published authors.We hope you enjoy reading these and perhaps learn a couple of ideas that you might even be able to use in your work. If you have a favorite piece, tweet at the author and us, or drop us a line at hello@productboard.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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