It’s the dawn of a new era

These days, customers don’t just buy products. And they care about more than just feature sets and brandThey’re looking for the best end-to-end experience to help them get a job done. And more than ever, they’re cognizant of the relationship they have with your product, and your organization.

In this new era where products that connect with users on an emotional level frequently vanquish those with more robust functionality, we need to rethink product management and the role it plays within the broader organization.

So what does product leadership look like in The Era of Product Excellence? From conversations with over a thousand product organizations, we’ve found that the best have a few things in common:

Deep user insight

The product team has an intimate understanding of their customers’ needs, and this is shared with colleagues across the organization. That means everyone is empowered to do right by the customer no matter their area of responsibility – prioritizing, designing, developing, marketing, supporting, or selling.

Clear product strategy

The Product team’s product strategy is based on a prioritization model with clearly defined objectives reflecting an understanding of customer segmentation, key user needs, actionable metrics, and a unique value proposition. Colleagues across the organization have full clarity around the organization’s strategic priorities and understand the role they play in helping to execute on them.

Coherent roadmap

Everyone in the company understands what’s on the roadmap and why. They contribute ideas and feedback to the product based on what they’re hearing from prospects and customers on the frontlines, and feel like their inputs are valued and heard.

Where does your organization fall?

Each of these three pillars represents a set of processes and mindsets for the individual and the organization to master. We’ll be discussing each in more detail over forthcoming webinars and posts.

To kick things off, we’ve created The Five Stages of Product Excellence rubric for you to evaluate how far your organization has come, and where you can focus your efforts to improve along each pillar above.


Where does your organization fall along the five stages? Have you found the Product Excellence framework helpful? Drop us a line! 👋 We’d love to hear from you.