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Introducing productboard’s free Customer Feedback Portal

Introducing productboard’s free Customer Feedback Portal

Because the voice of the customer belongs in every product…

Today productboard is excited to announce the Customer Feedback Portal for product teams. It’s a free, flexible, and easy-to-use solution, providing product managers with a single place to collect and manage customer feedback.

With the Customer Feedback Portal, product managers can validate their most promising feature ideas and collect brand new ideas from customers at scale. When a feature goes live, you can automatically notify all customers who requested a feature, celebrate what’s launched, and close the feedback loop. Take the first step on your journey to building more customer-centric products with the new free Customer Feedback Portal.

Customer-driven product teams build great products by placing customer needs at the center of all your efforts. As a product manager, it’s easy to feel disconnected from all your users and their needs. There are just so many of them and only one of you. Simultaneously, customers often feel left out of the product conversations – why bother leaving feedback if nothing ever comes out of it?  They desire visibility and a say in the product strategy. With the accelerated pace of technical change, market competition, and rising customer expectations, it’s more important than ever to build products that customers need. 

We started productboard to bridge this divide between product teams and your customers.

What every product team needs is a way to make better, more customer-driven decisions. You need an easy way to collect feedback on feature ideas you’re considering and update customers on your product direction. And you’d like to do all of this without adding any extra hours to the workweek. With productboard’s Customer Feedback Portal, there is now an easier way to do so. And it is available to you for free!

Before productboard, product managers tried using feature voting tools. However, these quickly became overwhelming with unactionable and unorganized raw data. The Customer Feedback Portal, on the other hand, is curated by you — the product team. Choose which features you’d like customers to provide feedback on. You remain in control while collecting customer insights to prioritize for immediate action. 

We want to share that value with you and empower every product manager to make excellent, more customer-driven products. With the standalone Customer Feedback Portal, we have taken a part of our popular productboard management system and are providing it free to you. We’ll be waiting for you if you ever decide the full productboard offering is right for your team. 

Here’s how it works


The Customer Feedback Portal is available for free for all new productboard customers.

Join over 2,800 top product organizations, including teams at Microsoft, Loom, Tray.io and UiPath, in gathering and leveraging customer feedback

For UiPath, the Portal enables users to submit new feature ideas, explain why upcoming features are important to them, and engage directly with UiPAth’s product management process. “productboard has been central for our team and workflow.” – Mircea Andrei Grigore, Product Lead.

If at any point you want to upgrade from the free standalone Customer Feedback Portal to the full productboard offering, please contact productboard at hello@productboard.com. We can easily migrate your data to the full productboard product management system.

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