An old adage says: “Wise men listen first, speak second.”

I’ve been listening to so many great product leaders over the past few years. Aspiring ones, accomplished ones. The novices, the experts.

I learned that no matter the experience, the truly great product leaders are all the same at the core.

We all have a burning desire, passion, and drive for making truly great products. Doesn’t matter if we make a simple mobile app or a complex enterprise system.

We want our products to be amazing. We strive for beautiful simplicity, for perfection of clarity. We want to understand our users like we understand ourselves. We live for solving their real problems. We relentlessly push design and technology to the edge. Relentlessly.

It is hard. Really hard.

We juggle, struggle with, and reconcile too many conflicting inputs and opinions. We are detectives, we are builders, we are missionaries, we are cat herders. We guard the simplicity and clarity of our products from the tsunami of myriad requests. We protect it, we cherish it.

We still persevere.

We persevere, because the sensation of seeing someone’s pupils dilate with excitement when they touch our product is indescribable. It is a cocktail of eureka feelings, of excitement, pride, relief, of joy.

It is so worth it.

Imagine Steve Jobs standing on the podium introducing the very first iPhone. Imagine that moment, imagine the feeling when problem solving, design, engineering and brilliant marketing come together to make a real difference. Imagine that.

Imagine the product leadership perfection. How amazing would that be? Send us your thoughts!


Hubert Palan
Hubert Palan Aug 11, 2015