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A recap of Productboard’s 2020 product launches through remakes of classic holiday songs

A recap of Productboard’s 2020 product launches through remakes of classic holiday songs

“We bring you some deep user insights”

Inspired by: “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”

Santa heard you’ve been extra “nice” this year and made Productboard’s Salesforce integration even better. Product managers can choose which companies or accounts to import to Productboard with their associated attributes. By connecting customer feedback and Salesforce data, Productboard helps product managers dynamically and quickly segment customers to prioritize building the most important features.

“All I want for Christmas is to understand user needs” 

Inspired by: “All I Want for Christmas is You”

There are so many things we want for Christmas in 2020, including hugging our loved ones, going back to work or school, and of course, ensuring we’re all healthy and safe. In the meantime, you can support your customers and their needs as “customer-centric products are coming to town.” 

Product teams can now filter customer feedback by segments on Productboard’s Insights board. You’ll only see the associated notes and feedback from companies in your segment, such as enterprise customers or financial service customers, and better understand their needs. You can even use these filters to create an Insights collection, a smart folder that keeps all these insights organized as they come in.

“Let it snow (feature ideas)”

Inspired By: “Let it snow!”

It looks like it’ll be a White Christmas, at least in parts of the United States, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, and Finland. Holiday travel is challenging this year, so we’ll tell you all about riding in the snow. 

Just like any good ride, you start at the top of the hill, with your highest priorities. Our roadmap’s new ordering features allows product managers to smoothly slide features and subfeatures on their roadmaps to clearly tell the story of what comes first, what goes next, and what’s most important. Connect them to an objective, and you share the ‘why’ as well. As snow conditions change, so do priorities, so flexibility is key. Surely, some features will find themselves all the way down the hill, but at least it was a fun ride there from the top.

Rockin’ around our company roadmap” or “Roadmap, Roadmap, Roadmap, I built it on Productboard”

Inspired by:  “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” (Happy belated Hanukkah to those who celebrated!)

Holidays are different this year, but the importance of being together never changes. Whether your family is gathered around the fireplace in matching pajamas with hot chocolate or “gathered around” Zoom, we love the way holidays bring together all our loved ones. Sharing the most important life updates, new jobs, expanding families, new puppies, and plans are similar to how product teams make excellent products by gathering and aligning everyone around the company roadmap. 

Productboard’s easier-than-ever roadmaps — including customizable roadmap templates, custom swimlanes, and timeline roadmaps — empower even more product teams, connecting the roadmap with development tools and backing it with customer feedback. Quickly share different roadmap views with different stakeholders, as we know there are things you’d tell your best friend, but not your grandmother. You can even manage complex product portfolios and multiple product teams. You’ll build cross-functional alignment, improve team productivity, and accelerate product planning cycles with everyone coming together.

“Silent night, focused night. All is calm, all are aligned. Round yon product manager and developer”

Inspired By: “Silent Night”

Santa might be delivering presents down the chimney, but it takes a whole team to get him there. In fact, elves working hard in the North Pole cannot make the right gifts without Santa knowing every child’s needs and wishes. Similarly, building excellent products requires product managers to understand and prioritize customer needs with help from sales, marketing, customer success, design, developers, and every team in between. 

With Productboard’s easy to use Azure DevOps integration, product managers can conduct product discovery and planning in Productboard and push features with critical context directly into Azure DevOps. Product managers cannot build great products without developers and their development tools of choice. Product and development teams save time while increasing alignment, focus, and productivity. 

Azure DevOps not your tool of choice? We also have Jira, GitHub, Trello, and Pivotal Tracker integrations. 

“And a free Customer Feedback Portal in a pear tree”

Inspired by: “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

Our gifts to you wouldn’t be complete without something “in a pear tree.” Productboard’s Customer Feedback Portal is a free, flexible, and easy-to-use solution, providing product managers with a single place to collect and manage customer feedback — the foundation of all customer-centric products. Every customer and product deserves this. That’s why we made this part of Productboard standalone and completely free. 

Product managers can validate their most promising feature ideas and collect brand new ideas from customers at scale. When a feature goes live, you can automatically notify all customers who requested a feature, celebrate what’s launched, and close the feedback loop. Take the first step on your journey to building more customer-centric products with the new free Customer Feedback Portal.


From our family of ~220 Productboarders representing 28+ countries to your family, thank you for being with us in 2020, and Happy Holidays!  To a better 2021!


Děkujeme a přejeme krásné svátky
Ďakujem a prajem pekné sviatky
Gracias y felices fiestas
Obrigado e boas festas
Спасибо и веселых праздников
Дякую і бажаю веселих свят
Bedankt en fijne feestdagen
Dhanyavaad, aapko chuttiyo ki shubhkamnaye
Danke und schöne Feiertage
Maligayang Pasko
Cảm ơn bạn và chúc bạn những ngày Giáng sinh nghỉ vui vẻ
 شكراً! نتمنى لكم أعياد مجيدة

Are you still looking for the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for that special someone? Start your free trial of Productboard and try these gifts for yourself. 

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