AMA: how to sharpen your product management skill sets


Just as industry-leading products are always evolving, it’s critical that product makers routinely sharpen their skill sets so they can build better products with confidence and take control of their career trajectory.

In this AMA session, you can get your questions answered by three highly experienced product leaders to learn:

  • The fundamental skills required for modern product management
  • Tips for improving your product IQ and advancing your career
  • Ideas on where to go for the latest best practice tips and industry trends    
  • Tactics for applying new skills to enhance product strategy    

In the age of digital transformation, product people must learn how to build products smarter and faster in order to stay ahead of the competition. 

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About Misha Abasov

Misha, VP of Product at Rise, is an operationally minded business leader and entrepreneur. Over the past decade, he’s helped entrench go-to-market and product excellence at fast-growing SaaS companies. Misha co-founded the award-winning people management app Hazel, which was later acquired by Rise. He’s worked at a number of successful software companies, such as Allocadia, Mobify, and Hootsuite. Misha’s passion is building great products and orchestrating delightful customer experiences.

AMA: how to sharpen your product management skill sets

About Petra Wille

Petra Wille is an independent product leadership coach and author who’s been helping product teams boost their skill sets and up their game since 2013. For the past two years, her work has focused on helping product leaders build outcome-oriented product teams. Petra is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with the broader product community. In January 2021, Petra published STRONG Product People. Alongside her freelance work, Petra co-organizes and curates Mind the Product Engage Hamburg, Germany.
AMA: how to sharpen your product management skill sets

About Aron Tremble

Aron leads Product for Thinkific, the market leader for online knowledge commerce. Aron’s background is a blend of entrepreneurship and Fortune 50 strategy, from blank-page startups to growth initiatives in large companies. Prior to Thinkific, Aron was the VP of Marketing, Product & Strategy for the world’s first customization-as-a-service platform for footwear. He also spent ten years with HP in personal computing, SaaS, ecommerce and corporate strategy.

AMA: how to sharpen your product management skill sets

Product makers that grow faster go faster

As product makers, we all want to achieve excellence in our craft. But what constitutes an excellent product in the first place? What strategies, processes, and mindsets are employed by the world’s best product teams?

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