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On-Demand Webinar Series

2022 Sprint Break

Take a break from your sprints, and reinvest in yourself with this fun, crash course series that helps product makers build fundamental skills that scale.

Join us for 9 on-demand sessions to learn how to level up your product roadmap, strategy, and product management processes. This free virtual event, hosted by a variety of expert product leaders and industry experts, will cover trending product management topics:
  • Top Roadmap Mistakes & PM Best Practice Tips
  • How to Achieve and Maintain Product Excellence
  • Building Efficiencies with the Right Processes & Tools

Each session is only 15-minutes long—so you can quickly boost your product IQ while taking a well-deserved break from your sprint planning.

Thank you for registering! You can now view the on-demand sessions here.


Mike Belsito - Co-Founder<br/>Product Collective<br>

Mike Belsito

Product Collective
Robin Zaragoza - Product coach, leader, & speaker | Founder & CEO<br>The Product Refinery<br/>

Robin Zaragoza

Product coach, leader, & speaker | Founder & CEO
The Product Refinery
Alison Grippo - Director of Product<br>Carro <br/>

Alison Grippo

Director of Product
John Cutler  - Product Evangelist & Coach<br>Amplitude<br/>

John Cutler

Product Evangelist & Coach
Beata Kupiec - Product Director, Center of Excellence<br>Brainly<br/>

Beata Kupiec

Product Director, Center of Excellence
Eric Bin - Director of Product Management<br>Article<br/>

Eric Bin

Director of Product Management
Devin Gannon - Sales Engineer<br>Productboard<br/>

Devin Gannon

Sales Engineer

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